Out and about with scooty

So off to the front sunny south of France for a couple of weeks. This photo is on the tram from the airport towards the centre.Scooter all folded up and looking happy!

Walking from where we were staying to the centre of Nice we happened to come across a couple of the carnival floats. So colourful!

Lunch at a lovely Cafe and a glass of rosΓ© although saying that I’m not sure I should be drunk in charge of a scooter so one will be enough😬

Off for a little drive round the walls and then into the Old Town. Good job it wasn’t too busy ,my hooter makes a heck of a noise!

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Ootings with my scootermobile….( or travels with my mobility scooter)

Today we went for a scoot around a very near little near haven Plas Newydd (New House).

Plas Newydd is notable as the home where two Irish ladies, Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby (the Ladies of Llangollen) eloped and set up house together in the late 18th century, scandalising contemporary British society.

The grounds have a dell with a stream running through it and paths to walk round over little bridges.

Wonderful when your legs are struggling!

The porch and carved front door.

Shutter envy!

Of course it has a little cafe (open March to October) will need to come back to test that!

Gorgeous crocus in the grounds today. 😊

Little break in Nice, France

Well by hook, crook or walking stick we got here! Although there was a funny incident on the bus from the airport– there were no seats left, but a lady offered me one up a step. I politely refused and leaned against the rail. The bus started,so did I. I slid right along the rail into the arms of a French monsieur. I’m not sure who was the most embarrassed-

him or me! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Falling over and most used emoji. πŸ˜Š

I’ve decided I need to take my balance a bit more seriously. No more trying to change direction mid-walk. It doesn’t end well. I’m sure it will take a while to get used to. I will try to keep the bruises to a minimum. πŸ€ͺ

THAT emoji πŸ€ͺ seems to appear the most in my ‘most used.’ I think that is very relevant. 🀣 I will leave you with two of our cats having a snuggle.

I’ve decided to get on with my life while I can today, after falling backwards onto the bed,ending up in a heap and deciding I need to take my balance a bit more seriously. No bruises,but I did have a soft landing. The weather was cold and shiny and I needed some rays and colour in my cheeks.

We went along the Mawddach Trail on our bikes ( mine an e-bike,his not) .I was quite determined. I knew I would have a struggle stopping and balancing on my left foot/leg as I can no longer really feel it. 😏But I didn’t anticipate having a problem balancing on said foot/leg to get ON my bike. It was actually quite hilarious to watch me hopping -lift-,hopping-lift- leg -over.I eventually worked out it was much easier having car/wall/tree to lean on whilst I performed the hop-lift episode. Then off we went!

A traffic free estuary with a reasonable surface for a few miles. I had red cheeks and an empty tummy by the time we reached the cafe ( another aim as well as the red cheeks).

So soup and cake later I was well chuffed to have

1.Found the energy

2.Mounted my bike

3.Ridden for a little while

4. Stopped without collapsing into woodland/A puddle on the left.

5.Finished the ride with nothing but a slightly sore bottom and muddy trousers.

Say it as it is: The beginning,and continuation of, my new life with #Multiple Sclerosis.

WELL. Two days ago a neurologist gave me the news that I ‘have, more likely than not, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.’ MS to the likes of you and me.

I am 53, happily married with 4 children. 2 have left home and 2 (twins) doing A levels). I resigned from teaching 4 years ago in July. I am now very contentedly enjoying life.

So, for the last couple of years, I have struggled with a dropped foot on my left side. It all began power walking with a friend. I was swinging my left leg out rather than through. After resting and trying again, I was sent for assessment at a muscular-skeletal clinic. I was advised on what exercises to do and to do pilates. I carried on in a very dedicated fashion until about February 2018. I gave up yoga my back hurt too much. I didn’t have the energy for pilates,walking the dogs or riding my electric bike ( it was quite a passion). The leg wasn’t too bothersome just very tiring. I was so exhausted some days it was difficult to drag myself downstairs. I actually thought it was my age (menopause??) I had two seriously poorly friends one after the other (stress??) It seemed to be a constant struggle to even smile. Eventually I was becoming very depressed, my walking gait had deteriorated to the point that I couldn’t walk any distance unless I used a walking stick and a footbrace. And that is before the regular stopping and leaning ( a fence, a tree, a car… ?) for a rest.

I was referred to a neurologist. And my MS journey has begun. I still have to have a brain and spine MRI to confirm the diagnosis. BUT it is. I KNOW it is. I have known at the back of my mind for a while.

SO if there are any more MS bloggers out there at this point in time I am on my own. I only know what I have googled. I don’t know,or ever have known anyone with MS. Please follow my blog and give me pointers on living with this condition. Tell me to follow you! I will try and blog regularly and I hope add a bit/lot more humour. It will be about my MS life, the good,the bad and the ugly. After all, we have to laugh or we’d go under.